the man, the myth, the macaron!

The macaron: For many novice pâtissiers (i.e. myself), it’s like an elusive mythical creature. For the longest time, I couldn’t seem to get the sweet meringue-based sandwich cookie right. Last December was a disaster. And last weekend was an improvement but still not quite right. But I’m not one to give up. Like my trials making bread, I found that part of my inability to replicate these … Continue reading the man, the myth, the macaron!

that takes the (crepe) cake

There is nothing like a good crepe. Trouble is, so many places make bad crepes. I won’t name any restaurants, but if you are eating at a chain, don’t order the crepes there. Sweet or savory, it will never measure up to a homemade recipe. Some of my strongest childhood memories involve breakfasts featuring the thin French pancake. I can still picture my mom pouring … Continue reading that takes the (crepe) cake