‘treat yo self’


It’s no surprise that February, being the shortest month of the year, is flying by.

So it’s taken me a while to get around to this post, which really should have gone up closer to Valentine’s Day, the day after which my friends and I had our own celebration.

It all started with my friend Margie asking what we were going to do for Valentine’s Day. She and I typically go out to eat and exchange candy purchased the day after when it is on sale. (Yes, we are cheap.) It’s tradition.

Instead of eating out, I suggested we cook each other dinner. It was a ploy. I had a IMG_3925craving for crab rangoon, and she makes the best (less cream cheese, add green onion). So, in my own weird, creepy way (inside joke), I asked for that. Then I asked her what she wanted. Her answers ranged from 40-clove rotisserie chicken to brisket, also in the rotisserie (has anyone tried that before?), to ribeye and onion rings, which we ending up making. Although it took awhile to settle on the entree, it took no time at all to settle on dessert: creme brûlée.

It’s my fault. A week before, I made a crepe cake, which has a custard filling very similar to creme brûlée. Just a spoonful, and Margie was hooked.

Taking some inspiration from “Parks and Recreation,” I decided to make our little celebration a dinner party, or Galentine’s Day. It was the perfect opportunity for my friends to take a break from everything else.

One of my friend’s (and soul mate), Kira, drove up from Seymour, and after a few hours of Lego video games, I put her to work in the kitchen. Together, we created a creme brûlée based on Alton Brown’s recipe that was an absolute delight.

I’ll probably never order another creme brûlée while eating out. Why? First, creme brûlée is really easy to make. Second, you can make enough for six to eight people for the same price as one serving at a restaurant. Third, who doesn’t love torching their own food?

I won’t detail the recipe, which you can find by clicking on the link to Alton Brown’s recipe above. As long as you follow the directions, everything will work out perfectly. If you do not have vanilla bean, you can use vanilla extract (but seriously, how can you pass up vanilla bean?).

If you are looking for a simple, yet sophisticated dessert, this is it. It’s light and delicately sweet, and who can resist smashing the hardened sugar?

Side note: Save the egg whites for meringue, which you can use in a number of other desserts, including pie and macarons (coming soon).


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