LBT: What’s behind the name

As I sat on the couch the other night, editing photos my sister Sam and I took for the LBT blog logo, she asked, “Why larrisa bacon tomato?”

She’s not the first to ask.

Some people noticed the connection to the much-beloved BLT and wondered why I didn’t follow the initials for a name like Bacon Larrisa Tomato. So I thought I might share a quick _mg_0291history about the name.

Obviously, the name draws on my initials.

Call me a narcissist. I like my name. And as a brand, it makes sense to put the most original word up front. My name isn’t that common, which means it’s more likely to catch someone’s attention.
Also, I think “larrisa bacon tomato” rolls off the tongue better than the alternative.

But it’s not just about my name. I honestly love bacon and tomato — together, separate and with other ingredients. In fact, I would consider each a go-to item in my kitchen. The salty, savory bacon is a perfect counter to the sweet, acidic tomato. A match made in food heaven.

Like the play of savory and sweet, I also wanted a subtle but fun nod to what I’m most known for in the kitchen — baking.

Baking … bacon. Get it?

Lame, I know. But it’s just another part of me. A part I hope you’ll enjoy as I populate this blog with recipes, culinary musings and resources.


PS: Man, it’s a nightmare taking really great food photos. I started out with my iPhone, then progressed to my sister’s pro camera with a white screen backdrop and lighting before we captured some great shots. Even then, styling the food took some work. Getting the skewers to stand up and making the bacon and tomato look appetizing were both challenges. In the end, the bacon still didn’t look the way I wanted for the logo, so I took a torch to it. You can see the difference in the two photos with this post. Like baking, it takes some persistence and patience to execute.

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