A Korean barbecue-inspired marinade that can kick it with tacos or chicken wings

I’m sure you’re not surprised that I spend a lot of time cooking at home. I do write a food blog, after all.

But it hasn’t always been that way.

Like most people, I cycle through periods when my work-life balance skewed more toward the former and I feel too busy or tired to prepare a meal when I get home. So I eat out, and often fast food.

But last year I committed to do better — better work-life balance, better food choices. That meant I needed to be home at a certain time so I could cook dinner and that the food I made needed to be healthier. I wasn’t perfect, but just making the effort helped me improve my energy, lose weight, enjoy life more and experiment with cuisines I hadn’t tried before.

Fortunately, two fabulous ladies supported me in my endeavor: Sam, my sister, with constant encouragement, and Kira, my soul mate of a best friend, in selecting recipes. Despite living two hours apart, Kira and I managed to make meals together, each of us often tweaking the recipes we found and sharing our thoughts.

There were some disasters. Like Kira’s attempts at making cashew chicken in a Crock Pot and my pomegranate molasses for a salmon dish.

There also were some successes, a few of which I plan to share with you here from time to time. Unsurprisingly, many of those recipes took inspiration from Asian cuisine, which
packs bold flavors while highlighting fresh veggies, fruits and sauces. (And let’s be honest, rice noodles are the best.)


Like the recipe for Korean BBQ Chicken from Eat the Love that was adapted from Gourmet Magazine.

If I haven’t mentioned it before, I love love chicken wings. When I visit my mom, I often beg her to grill chicken wings with our family’s signature barbecue sauce. And I hate missing wing Tuesday at Buffalo Wing Wings (honey barbecue or salt and vinegar anyone?) or the opportunity to grab some mild wings from Hooters (try the shrimp, though).

So this recipe was perfect.

The marinade/sauce is sticky and sweet, savory and a little spicy. It’s perfect.

I loved this sauce so much that I couldn’t use it only on wings. So I also marinated some
flank steak for a Korean-inspired taco (or my version of one at least). That was fantastic, too.

The recipe is fairly easy, although you’ll want to plan time to make the sauce and marinate the meat (the chicken tastes better than it looks). So it’s the perfect first foray for beginners. In no time, you’ll be crisping up some wings or grilling steak that makes your mouth water. You won’t be disappointed, I promise.


Notes: I almost always tweak recipes to my taste. For instance, I am sensitive to spice so I usually cut the amount the recipe calls for in half. Same with the ginger, which I find a bit overpowering. But taste the marinade as you go. You can alter some of the quantities and add more in to your liking.

If you’re interested in making the tacos with flank steak … all I did was marinate the meat. I did not toss it in the sauce after, although you could save that for a drizzle later. To make dinner quickly, I actually used an Asian-inspired prepackaged salad that came with wontons and a orange dressing. The veg complements the marinated steak perfectly. A little bit of green onion added a much-needed bitter note.

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