I’m keeping it simple with these no-churn mint chocolate chip and blackberry ice creams

Ask almost any of my family or friends about their favorite dessert and they’ll cite ice cream as the top contender.

Not me, though. I’ve always gone for brownies or cake first.

But lately — and I am convinced it’s the undue influence of my sister and niece — I’ve been craving ice cream. In fact, I’ve probably had more ice cream in the past month than I ate all of last year. I wish I could say it’s because a recent study says ice cream for breakfast might improve mental performance, but no, it’s really just a reignited passion for the creamy frozen dessert.

In the midst of all these cravings, I borrowed a book from the library called “No-churn Ice Cream” by Leslie Bilderback. I first became obsessed with no-churn ice cream last year when I stumbled across Nigella Lawson’s recipe and decided it would pair perfectly with the espresso macarons for a co-worker’s birthday. I wouldn’t let the absence of an ice cream machine hold me back.

The recipe was incredibly simple. And the result tasted amazing. To this day, it’s one of my favorite desserts.

But I had difficulty replicating the taste and texture I wanted with other flavors. So now, a year later, I turned to the cookbook for some help and inspiration. (My recipes are modified slightly from the originals.)

As soon as I flipped open to the mint chocolate chip recipe, I knew I had to make it. I really wanted to try a version with orange zest, but my sister wasn’t into it. Instead, I opted to cut the recipe in half and try my hand at a fruity flavor, too. I originally planned raspberry but found blackberries on sale at the store. It was the better choice anyway.