meet lbt


Who needs lettuce when you have Larrisa bacon tomato!?!

1476151_10103203875923898_1323802257_nLike many people, my culinary adventures began at home, cooking in the kitchen with my mom. While I enjoy eating out, there is nothing quite like the comfort and taste of homecooked food. I am best known for my desserts, but I have a few savory tricks up my sleeves, too.
My favorite foods include macarons, fresh whipped cream and (you might have guessed it) bacon. My least favorite foods include liver, sashimi and runny eggs. My one major oddity: I never eat uncooked cheese; it must be hot and melty.

Other things of note: I am a Purdue University alum. I am working on a book series about valkyries. I was on my high school bowling team. And I am a bit of a geek (bring on the unicorns!).



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