Who needs lettuce when you have Larrisa Bacon Tomato!?!

WPlogoLike many people, my culinary adventures began at home, cooking in the kitchen with my mom. While I enjoy eating out, there is nothing quite like the comfort and taste of home-cooked food. I am best known for my desserts, but I have a few savory tricks up my sleeves, too.
My favorite foods include macarons, fresh whipped cream and (you might have guessed it) bacon. My least favorite foods include liver, sashimi and runny eggs. My one major oddity: I never eat uncooked cheese; it must be hot and melty.

Other things of note: I am a Purdue University alum. I am working on a book series about valkyries. I was on my high school bowling team. And I am a bit of a geek (bring on the unicorns!).


3 thoughts on “MEET LBT

  1. Larissa, I recently just followed you on twitter. I was going through a couple of your posts on the SL Tribune, a few of your tweets, and the latest this awesome blog! You have a knack for writing! I do have to ask, what made you choose Valkyries as your topic of choice for your book??

    I also am a local business owner, and would love to get some publicity for our recent, extremely-successful launch, and I was wondering if you could possibly give me so tips and tricks for going about doing that? Thanks so much for your willingness to help!


    1. Hi Braden,

      Thank you for your kind words. I love writing for The Tribune, and I am glad my colleagues give me the opportunity to pursue it. I choose Valkyries because I love Norse mythology. So little of the narrative exists, outside of ancient poems, that it also leaves a lot of room for interpretation and imagination.

      So, I’m likely not the best person to give business advice, but I will say this, from a journalist’s perspective: Media, newspapers in particular, are extremely strapped for resources, and they must make decisions based on what our analytics (audience) tell us. That said, we love a great story, and looking at your About Us page, that is how I would pitch your business — make it less about a successful launch and more about your mission, your story. I’d also recommend seeking out niche publications — think Utah Business Magazine — to publicize your company. You’d also likely have more luck with smaller and independent publications like city journals, alt weeklies or alumni magazines that tend to highlight local businesses. Beyond that, social media and advertising are your best options.

      I hope that helps. You have some beautiful pieces on your website. I wish you all the best.


      1. Larissa,

        Thank you so much for your kind response. I will definitely take all of that into consideration as I continue to reach out to journals/newspapers/magazines. Thanks again for taking the time to reply to me.

        Best of luck to you in your work at the Tribune. Also good luck on your books about Valkyries! I am sure you will do such a fantastic job:)


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