Yeah! Hot Pot & Grill

The folks behind Yeah have built an atmosphere that celebrates communal dining and the customer experience, if not a little bit of trial and error. (I’d say I have no regrets about trying that quail egg that exploded in my mouth like a Fruit Gusher, but that’d be a lie.)

If you’ve never been to a hot pot or Korean barbecue-type grill, don’t stress, the servers will explain everything — from which refrigerated glass case contains ingredients for the hot pot, the grill or both, to how to use the many tools on your table and the pricing (per plate or bowl).

It’s not quite a full-service restaurant — you are the one cooking, after all — so don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take the quail egg: I asked whether it was cooked, but not how it had been cooked, so I was unaware the yolk was soft-boiled until I bit into it.

Just keep in mind that it’s supposed to be a fun, shared experience, and you’ll be good. Read more …