“No-Churn Ice Cream” by Leslie Bilderback

If you’re looking for quick and easy ice cream recipes, buy (or borrow) this book. Seriously!

img_8176Before I borrowed “No-Churn Ice Cream” by Leslie Bilderback from the library, I’d experimented with coffee, caramel fudge ripple and blackberry no-churn ice creams. The coffee turned out amazing; the others were a major letdown. Until this book, Ididn’t understand why nor how to fix them.

No-churn ice cream recipes call for sweetened condensed milk, and while you can get away with using only that in the coffee recipe — likely because of the alcohol, it didn’t work in the others. The aftertaste and sweetness turned me off instantly. These recipes rely on a regular milk base (some cooked, others not) to temper the sweetened condensed milk and create a creamy texture.

Two of my favorites (and I have many) included the mint chocolate chip, which you can steep with real mint (my choice) or mimic with imitation mint flavoring, and blackberry chocolate chip, which is an excellent combination of sweet and slightly sour fresh berries.

Whatever kind of ice cream you like, you’ll likely find it — or at least a base that you can build on — in this book. And with less than 20 minutes of prep on average, you really can’t say no to freshly frozen ice cream.