“Pure Food” by Veronica Bosgraaf

You may have noticed a bit of a trend in my savory food — a lack or de-emphasis on vegetables. It’s not that I hate them; I do, however, find them … well secondary to my cravings for meat.

But I am trying to change that.

And lucky me, the food writer at my newspaper was giving away more cookbooks. Among them, “Pure Food” by Veronica Bosgraaf.

IMG_0032Now, I’m definitely not going vegetarian, but I do need to introduce more diverse and nutritious foods into my diet. This cookbook offers a resource to that path.

“Pure Food” focuses on seasonal, plant-based recipes organized month by month. A lot of authors and cookbooks do this now because the best tasting and most nutritious ingredients come from during the peak of harvest. So that’s really when you stand to benefit from them the most.

What I love about this book is that it is very down to earth. And that’s intentional.

“‘Pure Food’ is not a ‘fancy’ cookbook,” Bosgraaf writes. “It’s an approachable guide to help you quit fast, frozen, processed foods and get back into the kitchen.”

Bosgraaf helps the reader do this not only with recipes but words of wisdom about each season and tips on spring cleaning, coconut oil, composting and more.

But if you’re in it only for the food, here are some of my favorite recipes (yes, you can see I put a Post-it note on them): Bibb lettuce with grapefruit, avocado and creamy avocado dip; almond butter and cacao nibs smoothie; roasted broccoli and hazelnuts; and watermelon mint salad.

Expect to see one or more of those on here soon.