what I’m reading

Hey everyone!

I’ve mentioned more than a few times (and posted tons on Instagram) that no matter how many recipes I pull from the internet or an app, I still love cookbooks. Since I am a low-cash kinda gal right now, I get a lot of my cookbooks from the library or work (yes, they still ship copies to newspapers).

Anywho, I want to share what I love! So here’s a list of what I have been reading and why I think it’s great.




I’ll admit I picked this up because I am trying to learn how to cook more Asian(-fusion) and street food, including new takes on the taco. Roy Choi’s book offered all that and more. My favorite part, though, is the voice. It screams Roy Choi. And it’s probably the most authentic, down to earth narrative — weaving through his ups and downs — I’ve ever come across (including a surplus of curse words).